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Job-Board for finding local and remote-jobs Important No Ugly Resumes Not just a Job-Board. An Agency to help Job-Board for finding local and remote-jobs

MyNiceJob is a job board that helps you find the perfect job. Whether you’re looking for a new career or just want to work from home, we have thousands of listings in your area and across the country. We also offer resume help, interview prep, salary negotiation tips and more!

You’ll never have to worry about being unemployed again with our extensive database of jobs. And if you need some extra motivation, we’ve got it covered too – check out our blog full of advice on how to succeed at work!

Important No Ugly Resumes

1 . Do it yourself . It only you time. Most resumes look like trash and get kicked out without a review. It has to look good no matter how great you are.

2. We can do it inhouse. It will be beautiful, but it will cost $350.

3. Use an Resume Builder. This is one of the best on the market. Last I have seen, it was free and or a a trial period. Here is A resume Builder Online. Go check it out.

Not just a Job-Board. An Agency to help

 This site is free.  Hand Holding is not.  Post and Apply – Unlimited Free.


Vendor / Agency Support – (coming)

Need help finding that perfect candidate.  Flat rate sourcing.  If we decide to take you on as a client, you will find our services are more cost attractive that your average Talent / Placement Agency.  

$5000 and you will have 4 qualified candidates within 30 days.  

Candidate Targeted Search and Coaching  – (coming)

No interviews, never short-listed or selected for the second round; 

There is monster, indeed and dice.  Plus we have 100s of jobs in our internal databases and via our Partners  

But if you are still reading this, then you need a major resume makeover and or  personal coaching.

4 Interview within 30 days after coaching. moneyback guarantee $2000 

We are not taking any and all comers.  You to have something to bring to the table.    
Get off the couch! Check out these jobs